What is GreekLex?

GreekLex is a smart Greek-German Dictionary and a Greek Lexicon. GreekLex currently comprises around 90,000 Greek words. What makes this Greek Lexicon special is how it helps you to find the word that you are searching for. You can type the word you are searching for in Greek as well as in Latin letters. While typing, GreekLex will make suggestions and will try to guess which word you are searching for.


How do I use GreekLex?

1) Search for the Greek word

You can type in Latin or Greek letters in search field. After you started typing, suggestions will appear directly below the search field. In the suggestions that are made, the part that fits with your input is marked bold. The smart search algorithm will help you to find the word that you are searching for, by placing the most relevant words at the top.

2) Information for a distinct Greek word

Once the word that you are searching for appears in the list of suggestions, you can click on it to obtain additional information on the right side of the search box: