What is GreekLex?

GreekLex is a Greek-English Dictionary, that helps you to find a Greek work and its meaning easily, even though you have little or no knowledge of Greek.

You can search for a word in Greek and in Latin letters. After entering some letters, GreekLex will try to guess the word that you are searching for. When the word is among the suggestions, you can click on it to get additional information, such as translations and links to the word's definition. It is ideal both for beginners and people that are not very familiar with the Greek language.

It is helpful for beginners and advanced Greek learners since it will help you to find a Greek word faster.

Try it yourself!

Type the first letters of a greek word that you know in the search field in Latin letters, just as you hear it. GreekLex will help you to find the word you are searching for as well as its meaning.

Have fun with GreekLex!

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